Welcome to Motorcycle Awareness Campaign (MAC)..


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MAC is an organization whose sole purpose is to promote motorcycle awareness to the motoring public. Our goal and all of our efforts are directed to that end.  Our interest is to provide a safer riding environment for anyone who rides a motorcycle. 

Let’s start by saying what MAC is not.

MAC is not a social networking organization. For example, as an organization, we do not have MAC national sponsored group rides just for the fun of riding nor do we have patches that we require members to wear.  Heck, we don't even require a member to have or be able to ride a motorcycle.  That doesn't mean that those of us who have a motorcycle won't get a small ride together as friends on a little outting.  With that said, these small friendship rides are typically short in nature and sure, there's some of us that have stickers on our bumpers and sport MAC T-Shirts and we consider that healthy for our organization and are intended to promote the MAC organization and it does has the potential to spread motorcycle awareness.

 It is of course necessary for MAC to promote itself in order to get support and membership.  No organization can exist without people like you who are willing to be involved and help spread the message and the MAC organization is no different.

MAC is not a supporter of charities.  We do not have the resources as well as our mission focus and interests in having fund raisers can't support one.  That is not to say that our membership does not condone or support charities, it is simply not our focus. 

MAC is not interested in promoting one brand, style or type of motorcycle/trike.  We are non-denominational when it comes to motorcycle brands.  No one is excluded from joining MAC.   

So, exactly what is MAC?

MAC is a 501(c)3 organizition with a total volunteer work force with individual regional state and local chapters who have paid registered members.  Chapter registration is $15.00 annually and 100% of membership dues and monetary contribution go to promoting motorcycle awareness by replenishing materials and to assist in participating in focused functions and events that have exposure to our communities.

MAC is very focused on our mission statement.  That statement is: “To promote awareness and safety of motorcyclists on roadways.” 

MAC is an organization that is growing.  Our efforts have been in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas with interests shown of starting chapters in other states.

MAC is always interested in hearing about new an innovative ways to bring motorcycle awareness to the motoring public.  Everyone can help with that. 

MAC is interested in your safe motorcycle riding experience and your being a responsible motorcycle rider certainly helps our message.

Motorists and motorcyclists alike have a stake in this effort, as well as a terrible price to pay if action for change isn’t taken. We hope to create an environment where sharing the road with each other is always the top priority for us all.

Join us!

For questions please be sure to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please take a moment to place a small monetary contribution to the MAC. ALL donations are turned around in the form of materials for the community. Please help us to make a difference.