May is Motorcycle Awareness Rally


May 12, 2016 marked the 12th annual “May is Motorcycle Awareness Month Rally”.  In years past the rally was held at the Louisiana State Capitol at 12 Noon on Sundays.  To attract more attention from the public this year the rally was moved to Galvez Plaza in Downtown Baton Rouge and started at 2:00 PM on Saturday.2016 MAC Rally

Rally 2016

In addition to a different place and time two new features were added.  First a ride-in was staged from Hollywood Casino to the rally site.  Attendees were encouraged to take part in the ride-in in order to attract media attention.  As a result, we were covered by ch. 9 TV and ch. 33 TV, both of Baton Rouge. The second feature was live music by the band CRS and the Forgetfuls.  The band started the rally with Lee Greenwood’s song “Proud to be an American”.  They played after the rally for an hour and a half.

An added benefit for those who took part in the ride-in, if they arrived early they were given a discounted price for the casino’s buffet and $10 worth of slot credits.

The Goldwing Road Riders Association was our biggest supporter.  The riders came from all parts of the state.  Our thanks to them for such a huge turnout.582

This year’s rally was a success.  We have already reserved Galvez Plaza for next year and plan for an even bigger event.  Look for early announcements about the date and time in January 2017.  

Please take a moment to place a small monetary contribution to the MAC. ALL donations are turned around in the form of materials for the community. Please help us to make a difference.