MAC "May is Motorcycle Awareness Month" Rally


Greetings everyone.. 

(APRIL 26th 2015) - This year will be our 11th annual MAC rally and we would like for it to be the best attended event ever. One reason we have the rally is to call attention to the motoring public of motorcycles on our roadways. Last year we enjoyed one of, if not, the largest number of TV stations covering our rally. We will be working to achieve that level of coverage again this year.

  Here is how you can help make the rally the best ever. 

- First, plan to attend and encourage others to attend also. You might even plan a group ride.

- Second, forward this letter to everyone on your email list that has a motorcycle.

- Third, download the official Rally flyer and take it to ever location you can think of where motorcyclists will see it.

- Fourth, notify your local TV and radio stations. Many radio stations will do a free PSA. I hope to have a PSA done for radio and will let you know when it is available. Also, your local TV station could get their affiliate station in Baton Rouge to send them their coverage of the rally so they can show it on your local news channel.

** NOTE** This year, due to construction at the state capitol, it will be necessary to move the rally to the Claiborne Building which is across the street from the capitol.

- Click Here for the Map to Claiborne Building

- Click Here for the Rally Flyer

We hope to see you here in Baton Rouge.

Joe Spearman

President, MAC National Board

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