MAC and Goldwing


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In July of 2015 MAC partnered with The Goldwing Road Riders Association in Louisiana.  All Goldwing chapters are required to have a motorcycle awareness campaign.
  Since MAC is a motorcycle awareness organization and since MAC have a grant that pays for part of our awareness materials it seemed to be a natural fit. They have agreed to distribute our MAC materials state wide.  So now MAC yard signs, bumper stickers hand fans and more can be seen in all parts of the State of Louisiana.

Mickey Searels, of De Ridder is Goldwing’s Motorcycle Awareness Coordinator for the state of Louisiana.  He is also a National Board member for MAC.  Thanks to Mickey and all the members of the Goldwing Riders Group for assisting in making motorists more aware of motorcycles in Louisiana. 

MAC NOLA is a proud member of the 


Please take a moment to place a small monetary contribution to the MAC. ALL donations are turned around in the form of materials for the community. Please help us to make a difference.

MAC License Plate

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