In this stay-at-home age of COVID-19, I wanted to find an official position on whether or not it was safe to hop on the bike and go for a ride.  I mean, after being cooped up in the house for days on end, what better way to refresh and clear the cobwebs than an hour or so of riding, right?.  Especially since the weather here in southeast Louisiana has been so fine, and the oppressive heat and humidity has yet to smother us!

So I visited the web site of the American Motorcyclists Association, expecting to find a positioning statement.  Nothing.

The Harley-Davidson web site had a link to their COVID-19 response, but it basically just covered H-D sponsored events and didn’t answer the question, “Is it OK to just ride?”

Honda’s message to their customers regarding COVID-19 covered the way their financial services will help during the pandemic.

Both H-D and Honda merely recommended following federal and state COVID-19 guidelines, but nothing more specific than that.

Suzuki had a pop-up that didn’t even mention the health crisis, but merely stated, “Stay Safe. Keep a Healthy Distance.”

Yamaha and Kawasaki had nothing at all on their web sites.

So I did a global search for, “Is it OK to ride my motorcycle during COVID-19.”  I got a couple of hits.  The first one came from England and a web site called Visors Down.  (Cool name!)  It’s worth reading.  Here’s the link:

FINALLY I found some excellent, practical advice at a web site called Motorcycle Cruiser.  Here’s the link:

It’s important to note that neither I nor MAC are endorsing these guidelines.  I am merely providing information for your consideration.  Only you can decide what is prudent for you.

I will make one suggestion, though: if you do have to go to the store for supplies or to the pharmacy for prescriptions…whether in your car or on your bike…keep a couple plastic shopping bags on board.  Put your hands in them at the gas pump to avoid actual contact with the pump or the keypad and throw them away when you’re finished.

Be safe out there.