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“I recently lost my best friend, Greggory Keife, due to a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred March 18, 2020 in Covington, LA, at the intersection of West 21 Ave. and Hwy 21. He left behind a daughter with no mother or grandmother, a mentally handicapped brother, and a brother who lives in Texas with whom his daughter has no relationship.

It was a gruesome scene where after the body was run over by a long bed dump truck that was travelling at full capacity.  In addition, the bike blew up and caught my friend on fire.

I was the one who pushed him to buy a new bike a few months before. He died going to buy insurance for his daughter’s car on a Kawasaki Ninja 1000-ABS.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, because there is an ongoing investigation into it.  However, both  the daughter and I would like to get involved in motorcycle safety.  

After his wreck I quit riding, because I could not bring myself to get on another bike.  But the daughter feels deeply about the topic now that this has happened. Please let me know how I can become involved.”


After reading this story, I phoned Matthew, explained what MAC is, and invited him to join our campaign.

Thank you for sharing your story, Matt.  Rest assured that your donation will go toward MAC’s mission: To promote awareness and safety of motorcyclists on roadways.

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