U-Turns on the Bike.

You know, virtually every night before bed I go online and look around YouTube.  Most often I’ll be looking at drumming videos or woodworking videos.  But I also look at tips on how to ride my motorcycle better.

I’ll be the first to admit that my skill at making The Dreaded U-Turn was lacking.  That’s probably because I didn’t know how to do it properly.  But here’s this former motorman named Jerry Palladino who offers some excellent tips, and it was through his videos that I’m sharpening my skills.

Here’s one of the U-Turn videos that I hope will help you, too:


Remember: practice!  Pick a nice, smooth, relatively empty parking lot that’s free of debris like pebbles and sand and trash.  Start by making big U-Turns that are four parking spaces wide.  When you’re comfortable, use only three spaces, and so on.

Good luck and be safe!