The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign is excited to announce a Free Yard Sign Day at Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson.  Here are the details:

That address is 5853 Seigen Lane in Baton Rouge.

The yard signs and the bumper stickers are just a couple of ways to spread the word to ordinary motorists to actively watch for motorcycles.  It’s a sad fact that when a motorist takes the life of one of our motorcycling brothers or sisters, more often than not the excuse is, “I just didn’t see them.”  So MAC’s mission is to prompt drivers to actively watch for us.

But we need YOUR help.  Make it a point to come by Baton Rouge Harley-Davidson Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM and pick up a MAC yard sign and a few bumper stickers.  As always, they’re FREE.

And consider joining MAC.  Your $35 membership assures that we’ll be able to continue the work we do to make motorcycle awareness top-of-mind for the general motoring public.  You can join MAC with your credit card…safely and securely…here:

Be safe out there.