Another grieving parent has graciously consented to share this tragic story in the hope of opening the eyes of the general motoring public, both figuratively and literally.  This story printed with permission.

Story of William Sedryck Nott 

My 26-year-old son was killed May 4th, 2021 when a car pulled out in front of him. He was a mile from home. He followed all the laws and took every precaution, but because of someone else’s carelessness he was killed.  He was the most gentle, loving, encouraging, happy young man you could meet.  His life impacted so many and his absence is shattering.  We are all now hyper aware of motorcycles and our role in assuring their safety on the roads.

All of us at the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign share in this senseless loss.  This young man will live on in the acts of goodness he performed, and in the hearts of those who cherish his memory.  May the beauty of his life abide among us as a loving benediction.