My handsome son died in a motorcycle accident on February 8, 2019.  He was driving home and the driver pulled out in front of him.  No time to avoid it.  He hit the car; it ejected him into oncoming traffic.  The other driver didn’t see him and dragged him 90 feet back to the scene were he hit the car.

I hope that he died fast before he was dragged by the other car.  He drove a loud Harley with a sound system and a bright headlight.  The driver said he didn’t see him.  The driver blew a .04 so he was under the limit.  But I think he was not watching the road.  We will never know because the police did not take him to jail to test blood for drugs and did not check to see if he was texting.

I live 5 minutes from the accident, and the police did not knock on my door to notify me.  The accident happened at 1 am and I saw it on Facebook at 8 am.  A very hard way to find out your only child has died.

He lived a full life in 27 short years .  He left behind 2 children, ages 4 and 6. He was working at a customs motorcycle shop and loved everything about them.  He had such a big funeral of at least 300 people who all loved him.  He was just so amazing.  He was bigger than life.  He had friends from all walks of life.  Young to old.

The loss has been unbearable.  We have lost a lot of his friends since he died. It is just crazy to me that people will not watch out for them.  They are so vulnerable to a vehicle.  And from what I have seen nothing happens to the drivers that cause the accident.  The guy that killed my son got a failure to yield ticket.  We need to do more to protect our loved ones.  If people would just pay attention to them when they see them. It would make a big difference.  If the guy would have waited 30 seconds longer before he turned left, my son would be here with me and his kids.  Just 30 seconds was a life and death decision.


This is Scotty again.  Our hearts go out to this loving parent who lost a child due to a distracted or inattentive driver.  The “slap on the wrist” fine for Failure to Yield only adds insult to injury.

Here at MAC, our goal is to eliminate this senseless waste of life by spreading the word to motorists to “Please Watch for Motorcycles.”  Our slogan is on bumper stickers, yard signs, billboards, and radio and TV ads.  Utilizing these mass media, though, costs money.  That’s why MAC needs YOU.

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Be safe.