I have just taken part in an intensive training session on blogging.  Actually, this was a refresher course, as I used to blog on a regular basis when I was still on the air on Eagle 98.1.  Of course, that was well over a year ago, and I suffer from C.R.S., if you know what I mean!

Anyway, here’s the idea:  once a week (or so) I’ll jot down some thoughts about motorcycles, motorcycle safety, motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycling experiences…well, you get the idea.

When possible, I’ll dip into the MAC Mailbag and share some of YOUR thoughts.  (You can reach us on the MAC website by clicking on the Contact Us button.)

So that was my first blog for MAC.  Kind of a “dry run” if you will.  When I blog, I’ll try to remember to alert you via the MAC Facebook page.

Be safe.