Coronavirus Affects Us All


I usually end my blogs with “Be safe.”  That phrase has taken on a whole new meaning lately, hasn’t it?


By now you’ve read all the information you need to get you through this crisis as safely as possible.  I hope you come out on the other side of this unaffected by illness.


But the virus is creating a mass hysteria that is very disturbing, the main symptom of which is the stockpiling of food and supplies.  I mean, how much toilet paper do you freakin’ need???  Consider this from Two Weirdos With a Page:

And what about all of you who have amassed enough food to last 3 years in a bomb shelter?  You have left the grocery store shelves bare!


OK, it’s too late to do anything about that now, so here’s a suggestion: when all this mania subsides (and it will), do something good this time… something that will benefit people other than yourself.  Take the food and supplies you haven’t used and donate it all to your nearest Food Bank.  (Yes… even the toilet paper.)


And be like this guy:

Be safe!