How would you like to win a brand new in-the-box GoPro Hero8 action camera outfit…just like the one used to shoot video for the LA Rider TV show?

Right now, so few people have entered, your odds of winning are phenomenal!  BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO ENTER TO WIN!

Check out  this video to learn about the GoPro Hero8:

To be entered in the drawing, become a member of the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign before the end of March, 2020.  You can join MAC and automatically be entered in the drawing by going here:

REMEMBER: “Liking” MAC on Facebook is nice, but it does NOT make you a member!!!

So join MAC today, and you’ll have an excellent shot at winning.  And best of all, you’ll play a huge role in helping MAC reaching its goal of increasing motorcycle safety and awareness.

Good luck!

And be safe!