May is motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the number of motorcyclists killed in crashes DROPPED almost 5% in 2018.  Unfortunately, though, motorcycle riders are still overrepresented in traffic fatalities.

All of us at MAC urge drivers and motorcyclists alike to share the road and be alert, and we’re reminding motorcyclists to make themselves visible, to use DOT-compliant motorcycle helmets, and to always ride sober.

Safe riding practices and cooperation from ALL road users will help reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on our highways. But it’s especially important for car and truck drivers to understand the safety challenges faced by us motorcyclists.  By raising motorists’ awareness, both drivers and riders will be safer sharing the road.

In the remaining days of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, I will continue passing along to you, the motorcyclist, some excellent tips from the NHTSA.  Here’s the next one:


Experienced riders know local traffic laws – and they don’t take risks. Obey traffic lights, signs, speed limits, and lane markings; ride with the flow of traffic and leave plenty of room between your bike and other vehicles; and always check behind you and signal before you change lanes. Remember to ride defensively. The majority of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes generally are caused when other drivers simply didn’t see the motorcyclist. Proceed cautiously at intersections and yield to pedestrians and other vehicles as appropriate. You can increase your visibility by applying reflective materials to your clothing and helmet and even by using high beams during the day.

Be safe!