The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign is raffling off a highly-collectible vintage 1939 BSA motorcycle to raise money to support the organization’s on-going efforts. The motorcycle, which was a gift to MAC and has traveled the state for the past decade as a part of MAC promotions and appearances is a highly recognized and desirable piece of motorcycle history and art.

Traveling the state has put a lot of wear and tear on the old girl however and the MAC Board has decided it is time for the BSA to find a permanent home. It has recently been refurbished and put in running order by Brit Bike expert Ernie Blanchard of Plaquemine, Louisiana.


A British manufacturer established in 1861, BSA was at one time the world’s largest motorcycle producer before going defunct in 1972. BSA was also involved in the automotive industry (dating back to 1907) and at one point owned the Daimler Company until 1960 when all automotive aspects of the company were sold to Jaguar Cars Ltd.


By becoming a member of MAC you will automatically be entered in a random drawing to win this great specimen of motorcycle history. There are no tickets to buy or additional requirements to qualify for this drawing, which will be held at the end of our current MAC membership campaign, which concludes October 31, 2018.

Join MAC today and qualify to win this vintage 1939 BSA motorcycle.