Welcome to our new website. We have designed this site to help keep our members and the public informed of our mission and ongoing efforts to make our highways and byways a safer place for motorcycles.

Since it was founded in 2004, the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign or MAC, has grown into an organization of more than 4000 members and supporters throughout Louisiana and affiliate chapters in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama.

Our trademark yellow and black “Watch for Motorcycles” signs and banners have become a familiar sight in residential yards, businesses and at motorcycle events throughout the south.

Over the years MAC has become a preeminent voice in the ongoing effort to promote motorcycle awareness and safety in Louisiana and neighboring states.

MAC has worked tirelessly to educate motorists on the rights of motorcyclists on our highways and the importance of being aware of our presence on the roadway.

MAC has been active in the legislative process as well, helping sponsor and pass right-of-way legislation protecting motorcyclists and creating the “watch for motorcycles” specialty plates for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The primary goal of MAC is a simple one: saving lives and reducing injuries to motorcyclists. Hopefully one day we will no longer hear the familiar line, “I just didn’t see the motorcycle.”

I have been riding motorcycles since I was a teenager and over the years I have had numerous close-calls with uneducated, inattentive and distracted drivers. I am sure you have as well. What’s more, it is getting worse. It seems that every day new technology is introduced that raises the level of distraction for drivers. Cellphones, texting, GPS systems, entertainment centers and other new technology all compete for a motorist’s attention and we have not yet seen how self-driving cars will impact motorcyclists. More than ever, motorcyclists need to be seen and heard.

With this new website it is now easier than ever to become a member of MAC. If you are not a member, please consider joining us. If you are a current member, please use this site to renew today and if you are a former member please join us again. We have a great incentive for joining MAC right now. All who sign up, regardless of whether you have been a member, or you are new to MAC, will be automatically entered to win a vintage BSA motorcycle. This bike is a piece of motorcycle history and one of our members is going to win it. This is a great incentive to join now. We hope you will. As a member of MAC, you can make a difference. Please join us.

Bob Courtney,