It was my first HOG meeting.  There were a couple of guys talking about a tragedy that had just occurred only weeks before and they, with the help of a few others, were trying to figure out what they could do to make riding a motorcycle a less dangerous activity. The previous director of the Baton Rouge HOG chapter and his wife were leading a ride when a car crossed the center line causing a head on crash which took the lives of both.  The car also hit the second bike in line resulting in seriously injures.

The two guys talking about the tragedy were Warren Broussard and Skip Haley.  That discussion let to the formation of MAC.  Since my Harley wasn’t my first bike I was already well aware of the hazards of riding a motorcycle and hearing about their idea just made sense to me.  If I was going to be riding a bike I should be a part of something that might save my life.  It’s kind of a self-serving activity.  I immediately got involved.  At that time MAC didn’t even have a name.

Throughout the years I watched MAC grow to a good size organization.  But during that time, I witnessed many riders turn down an opportunity to join.  That has always confused me.  Why wouldn’t someone want to support something that may save their life or the life of someone they care about?

I think those people may feel MAC is just a feel-good organization that cannot possible have any positive results.  They do not have my perspective.  The Motorcycle Awareness Campaign is nothing more than an advertising agency.  I am an old advertising guy.  After spending 42 years in the business I know and have seen the positive results of advertising.

It is difficult for MAC to document the results of its efforts.  You will never hear a news report about a motorcyclist that was not killed.  But because of my experience in advertising I know that lives have been saved.  If you are still debating on whether to join MAC, please consider that your support could contribute to saving a life.  And that life could be yours.

Joe Spearman