All members new and old are invited to join us on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at G.N. Gonzales Motorsports at 666 Chippewa Street in Baton Rouge for free food, live music and safety info and demonstrations. This is our first official gathering since Motorcycle Awareness month and it is the beginning of our new theme, which is to “make every month Motorcycle Awareness month” all across Louisiana.

If you have not yet become a member come learn what MAC is all about and consider joining us. If you are a former member, who has not yet renewed your membership, please come see what we have been up to and how MAC is working to make our streets and highways a safe place for motorcyclists. If nothing else just come and have a good time, it won’t cost you a dime.

If you usually take a ride on Saturday please consider making us your destination or at least drop by for free food and drink. We will get rolling at 10 am and we shut things down at 3 pm. Hope to see you on Saturday, June 30th.